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Hades718 - RS3 120 capes!

Hades718 - RS3 120 capes!'s Banner

Hades718 - RS3 120 capes!

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Registered 20th October, 2015 at 22:35 by Callum
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description



-Brand new
-Active Owner
-double xp weekends!
-Drop party at 15 players!
-Drygores - off-hand too!
-T90 Armour!
-Pest queen boss!
-All skilsl working
- 100% Soulwars working like RuneScape!
- Item Lending working 100%
- Dragonfire Shield with Special Attack!
- Godwars with Killcount Needed to pass to next stage!
- Flowering & Dicing for Hosting Gambling
- Pest Control Working Exactly Like RuneScape (100%)
- Custom Dungeoneering System
- Recipe for Disaster
- Dominion Tower with Dominion Factor Points & Shop.
- Duel Arena Working just Like RuneScape
- Glacors with Working Minions & Double HP Bars
- Teleport Hub System (Talk to Tree to Teleport Around)
- All Bosses with good Drop Rates

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