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BH-718 |Bounty Hunter|

BH-718 |Bounty Hunter|'s Banner

BH-718 |Bounty Hunter|

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Registered 15th November, 2015 at 19:04 by Generalz
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

BH-718 is about Bounty Hunter crater back in 2008.

Combined 2 different systems 2008 BH craters and 2010 pvp worlds together.

you loved 2008 bounty hunter crater? or 2010 pvp worlds?

Best 718 server so far with 250+ Active!


- Exellent donators benifit!

- AutoVote rewars & AutoDonations!

- New/Old items look in 1 cache! by using ::look

- Perfect pk Zerks/SummonTanks/Pure nhs/HybridTanks/Dh

- new items as SOA/DominionGloves/Gano/ and every 2014 item!

- Dragonfire Shield with Special Attack!

- Flowering & Dicing for Hosting Gambling

- Pest Control Working Exactly Like RuneScape (100%)

- Duel Arena Working just Like RuneScape

- Glacors with Working Minions & Double HP Bars

- All Bosses with good Drop Rates

- Squeal Of Fortune Working 100% Like RuneScape Showing Bought, Earned & Daily Spins.

- Grand Exchange

- Clan Chat System

- Dungeoneering

- Working Notes

VISIT US NOW www.bh-718.com

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