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Registered 18th December, 2015 at 00:23 by Kayla
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

| Grand Exchange | Ironman modes | Extremely stable | Anti CTF & WPE | Anti-DDos VPS| Similar to IKOV| No Lag

0 dupes, and no I'm not saying that with my head up my ass, it actually has 0 dupes.
Controlled Force Teleporting 100% fixed thanks to my Locations system.
WPE 100% fixed, people can not manipulate packets. Server is extremely safe.
All data read from JSON.
Nice MySQL system.
100+ achievements.
100% Clanchat system with ranks.
Real RS Grand Exchange system.
All skills added, even Dungeoneering with parties/complexity and crap.
Full bank system with searching, tabs and all that crap.
15+ bosses, including 100% Nex and Kalphite Queens with stages etc.
Very advanced client, unique cache downloading system.
Multi-threaded server, a "logic thread" which handles asynchronous operations such as file writing.
Actually runs 24/7 without any disconnection or crash issues

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