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Trowen 718


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Trowen 718

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Registered 29th January, 2016 at 11:21 by Matthewdtm
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Hello Fellas!

Download client on forums here -->


Welcome to Trowen 718.

Very nice community!

This server is VPS hosted so it has a uptime of 100%.

What do we have? Skilling,Pvming,Pking,Gambling.

Screenshots? Scroll down please.


Fishing-Mining-Agility-Woodcutting-Runecrafting-Summoning-Hunter-Farming-Construction-slayer-Dungeoneering etc.


All godwars bosses (nex,bandos,zamorak,saradomin,armadyl)

Corporeal Beast-Kalphite Queen-Queen Black Dragon-Tormented Demons-Bork-Barrelchest-Dagganoth Kings-

Flawless Pking:

Perfect weapon switching.

Pking areas:Edgeville wildy-Mage bank-Multi area(PVP)-Wests (PVP)-Easts(PVP)-Revenants.


Dicing (dicebag only for donators), flowers (everyone can plant and play flower poker or hot/cold).


Fight pits-Fight caves-Fight Kiln-Godwars-Clan Wars-Dominion Tower-Warriors Guild-Castle Wars-Barrows-Crucible

Crystal key Chest:

By killing monsters You'll get crystal keys and you can use them on the chest at home. and get some very nice rewards.

(note:you'll also get pvm drops from killing npc's not just keys lol.)

Squeal Of Fortune:

You can get alot of different items from the Squeal Of Fortune,

You get 2 daily Free spins. (voting reward also available).


Fully working prayer system with all prayers.

Special attacks:

Special Attacks working 100%.

Donator zone:

Suprise Suprise.

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