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Sanctity 667

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Sanctity 667

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Registered 27th April, 2016 at 11:07 by Legendofficial
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Sanctity 667 is a brand new, 667 RuneScape Private Server and it is based off the server "TizenX"

At Sanctity, myself and my staff do what we can to make your stay here a fun and enjoyable one!

Players mean everything to us, they are the first priority we have and will remain there for as long as Sanctity remains hosted!

Currently our RSPS is 24/7 VPS HOSTED!!


There are many upgradable items in game. Pretty much everything in game can be upgraded TO AN EXTENT. Examples include Upgraded AGS and Upgraded Zamorak Spear! I have introduced many new upgradeable items such as the Illuminessence to Fluresence!

Pking is something we hope people enjoy, this is why we have many different PKing zones such as Edge, Multi, High Risk Arena, Mage Bank and much more including the Ice Plateau!

Now skilling isn't something we've forgotten, we have that covered pretty much ALL of the skills excluding construction. This is not required to get a completionist cape.

Finally the PvM aspect of the server, we have many bosses here such as the Corporeal Beast, Nex and the GodWars Dungeon Bosses! Full slayer is also added meaning for those who like to slay and make money, they have their chance as when you reach the higher levels of slayer, you can kill the higher tier monsters which could drop some valuable loot!

I know a lot of people will leave a lot of hatred comments on here due to the revision and base, however if you have something negative to say, please do not post it I appreciate constructive criticism however!

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