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Registered 30th April, 2016 at 16:55 by Osnova
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

OS-Nova #1 OSRS Private Server

Join the newest experience OSRS RSPS #1 Server with MANY features

OS-Nova is a #118 loading OSRS Server, we aim to give the players high quality content, and let them experience the full OSRS Adventure without having to worry about not having fun. We have an amazing Eco & we have player based shops to let players make their own store. We are looking for players who love to play OSRS and that want the FULL experience without lack of content, we do give you that total new experience. Give us a try or visit our site for more information

NOTE: We are back, and we are starting fresh we are looking for Player moderators, Community Managers, Administrators & more helpfull positions that needs to be filled

Server features:

- Skillpoints (Woodcuttingpoints,fishingpoints,thievingpoints,prayerpoints and more)

-Skillers can buy skiller pets!

- Custom bosses (E.g. Zezima,Skeleton warlord, The inadequancy)

- All new items with correct animations

- Cerberus

- More than 70+ Unique pets - Skilling pets/ Donator pets/ Free pets/ Bossing pets

- #118 Data

- Full OSRS Server

- Bank Tabs

- Fullscreen/Resizable

- Full clan chat / 100% skills

- Amazing combat

- Shop exchange system

- Achievements / Bounty hunter

- Tons of Minigames

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