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Registered 8th August, 2016 at 00:46 by Heaven
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Welcome to the information page for Exoria We are a server that specializes in PKing (note; we are an entirely ECO based server) – we work towards having a server with numerous amounts of PKers from every class (pure, zerk, multi, dh, risk fighters, nh, rag, brid). Our combat system is literally MADE for PKing (The server owner, Hitman, is a great PKer who understands the mechanics of the game, and thus understands how PKing should be). We intend on housing multiple clans, potentially giving them clan benefits (clan bank, their own channel, their own island, etc), and intend on adding really good killstreak rewards in the very near future. We also have many essential bosses (barrows, Barrelchest, for examples) that have their homes in the Wilderness, making it very much a risk-reward scenario, as well as an incentive for PKers.

Now – don’t be deceived. Just because this server is dedicated to PvP, does, in NO way, mean that there is no PvM. This server has every major boss (in addition to some custom bosses) thoroughly coded albeit properly coded PvM prayers and hits (NPCs don’t one hit, and NPCs that hit through prayer actually hit through prayer). Whereas some other servers may have dysfunctional animations, Heaven 718 has every NPC animation coded to match actual RS2 (Pre-Eoc), as well as combat formulas for the NPCs that roughly match how they should be (in comparison to RS2). The bosses’ pathing is also coded correctly as is their drop table (which was made by us) and spawn rate – so don’t forget to grind some bosses whilst visiting our server!
N.B.: Hitman (the owner) has coded a minigame called “Challenge of the Gods” in which players find themselves fighting waves and waves of bosses/sub-bosses such as GWD minions, and they are specific bosses that are put into particular waves such that one requires knowledge of safe-spotting, prayer switching, and lots of other things – it’s hard to get past the first/second wave, hence the title, so try at it when you’re feeling almighty!
In addition to this, not only is there PvM, but there are also methods to suffice every risk-takers heart-craven desire – Gambling/Dicing/Staking. Our staking offers the usual boxing, dds/whip, mage boxing, and any other type of staking one can envision. Our ;;dice zone is one that should be familiar and comfortable for those that dice often – an area that, once accustomed to, will feel like “;;home” for many. Functional mithril seeds are in play, as are dice bags, so go enjoy yourselves with some FP, 55x2, BJ, DD and other games you can fathom! As for gambling, we are currently working on a Gambler, and this gambler will encompass a lottery-based system in which there will hold 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place nominated (by RNG) winner(s).
Most custom updates include things such as TSOTD (toxic staff of the dead), blowpipe, kraken whip, hells fury, heavens fury, some cosmetics (coloured h’weens), etc. As of now, the majority of updates consist of advancing the quality of the game (i.e., bug patches, perfecting xp rates, adding new content such as new donator zones, new cosmetic shops, new donator items – things of the sort). As it is a PK-focussed server, we also want to add, when the time comes, a 2 vs. 2 and 5 vs. 5 tournament style custom minigame in which players start off with custom setups like ;;rag, ;;brid, ;;tank, and many other setups for Multi-PKing (also will have the ability to choose gear instead of only ;;setups). These will have rewards (based on a point-per-game system) as well as a ranking – the highest ranked individual will, inevitably, lead the scoreboard for this minigame (aka have bragging rights). Concluding this, this minigame will occur in multitudes amounts of areas, notably the Wilderness, and custom Duel Arena settings. This concluding segment will be revised upon further additions to the server/progression of the server! Hope to see many of you online soon!

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