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Bandos Rsps

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Bandos Rsps

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Registered 22nd August, 2016 at 02:38 by Aether
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Welcome to the 'Official' Bandos advertisement page on Rune-Server

Bandos, what is so different? Well...
Our Developers are constantly adding bug free content within the server, if you want something added just suggest and the developers will look right into it!
We also have an amazing Cache Developer.
Everything requested by players (which is reasonable) is added, it's a community based server.

:: Server benefits ::
Runite, Adamant & Lava Dragons
Great teleporting system via Spirit Tree at home
Crystal Chest
All Skills trainable
Grave system
Boss Pets (Rare Drop Table)
Slayer Pets (Rare Drop Table)
Double XP Weekends
IronMan/HardCore IronMan (With Ironman Highscores) ~ Possible to train all skills.
104m Master Capes
T90 Armours (Malevolent, Sirenic & Tectonic)
T90 Weapons (Drygore, Noxious, Ascension)
T85 Armours (Tetsu, Seasinger & Death Lotus)
Master Cape Abilities
Slayer Partner System
Weekly Tasks System
Achievement System
Completionist Cape with Requirements
Stable Shops
Prestige system
Highscore System
In-Game Highscores
In-Game Drop Logs
In-Game Boss Kill Log
120 Master Armour
So much more![/spoiler]

:: Bosses ::
Nex || Vorago || Sunfreet || WildyWyrm || Queen Black Dragon-
Bandos || Saradomin || Zamorak -
Armadly || Tormented Demons || Corporal Beast || -
Jad || Kiln || King Black Dragon || MORE -[/spoiler]

:: MiniGames ::
Dominion Tower
Pest Control
Hunger Games
Rise Of The Six
Castle Wars
Fight pits
Duel Arena
Clan wars
Fight Caves
So much much more!

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