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Registered 19th September, 2016 at 14:12 by Eldritch
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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~About Us~

Eldritch is a Runescape Private Server (RSPS) that is focused around giving you a pre-EOC combat feel with some RS3 content. We are only using the cleanest models in our content as well as a lighting speed VPS. If your looking for a RSPS that will blow your mind with zero lag, best graphics and a amazing community then make sure to look no further! We are 100% sure that you will enjoy your nice relaxing adventure on Eldritch! Hope to see you on!


Always up and running
Great community
Friendly and helpful staff
Daily updates
All 25 skills working
Five different game modes
Ironman mode
Completionist cape requirements (Including trimmed requirements)
28 Boss pets (Some of them aren't bosses, rather difficult-to-kill NPCs)
Flawless slayer, similar to RS (With a 'teleportation to task' option)
Reaper tasks, following RuneScape's system - Bosses, amounts, rewards
Flawless dungeoneering, including keys, puzzles, all bosses, 60 floors, 3 sizes, map and way more
Beautiful donatorzone with lots of skilling possibilities
Perks system (Obtainable from events & sonation store; Enhances the gameplay & doesn't make it P2W)
Wilderness Warbands (Very similar to RS)
Main lunar spells functioning (~70% of them)
Dungeoneering spellbook working 100% - Every spell and button added
Toolbelt functioning perfectly in every aspect
Wildywyrm (Spawns in the Wilderness every half an hour)
Runespan with working rewards
Perfectly working Squeal of Fortune, with simplified commands to spin larger amounts instantly
New items, such as Drygores, Ascension, Seismics, Amulet of Souls & dyed equipment
Perfect master capes
Beautiful donator capes (With perfect particles!)
Many agility courses to train agility on
Celestial dragons
Real thieving via pickpocketing & usual stalls (Unlike the usual '5 stalls system')
Clan chats including Citadel
Fulling working construction (Approximately 90% of it functions - Themes, all objects, dungeons..)
Quest tab teleports
Over 200 working achievement tasks to do
Custom client loader
Custom client icon
Announcements system
Amazing loyalty points system
Lots of settings for players to toggle
Kalphite Queen
Corporeal Beast
King Black Dragon
Queen Black Dragon
Tormented Demons
Dagannoth Kings
Godwars Bosses
Rise of the Six (Instanced)
Warriors Guild
Fight Caves
Fight Kiln
Soul Wars
Shooting stars D&D
Evil trees D&D

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