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[718/742] Zodiac

[718/742] Zodiac's Banner

[718/742] Zodiac

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Registered 9th October, 2016 at 02:02 by Zodiacservers
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Client: http://zodiac-servers.com/Zodiac.jar
Forums: http://zodiac-servers.com/forums

Welcome To Zodiac!

On Zodiac we listen to the voice of the players, And create an experience you will never forget.
We will be preforming daily updates, events and more! We have a dedicated staff and we have spots open for dedicated players in our staff team.
We are open for new idea's if you can dream it! We can build it!Join today and be part of a brand new experience!

Features :

* Vorago

* Kalphite Queen

* Party Demon

* Blink

* Darius

* Queen Black Dragon

And Loads more bosses!

Tier 90 armor.
Tetsu, DeathLotus, Sea Singer.
All Skills Working Perfect.
New Donator, Extreme Donator, Vip Donater zone,
With Donator boss!
Perfect Working Grand Exchange.
Loads of Custom items.
Working off-hands, incluiding Ascension off hand!
Royal Crossbow
Pvm Token shop with Great rewards!
5b Exp Cape! With stats!
And lots more to enjoy, And alot more to come!

Note :
For every active player you recruit to our server, will grand you a reward.


Owner/Chief of staff

Admin, Mod, Support spots open!
For Loyal and Deticated players.

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