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Quest PS - 118 OSRS

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Quest PS - 118 OSRS

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Registered 8th November, 2016 at 20:52 by Questps
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

-118 OSRS data
-Demonic Gorillas
-Wildy bosses
-Point systems(PVM points, Boss points, Skill points for each skill, trivia points, members points(not credits), achievement points, prestige points, Members Credits, Bounty Points)
-Shops for each point system(Over 20 point shops!!!)
-Working Hunter!
-70+ pets
-Lots of custom areas
-Some custom bosses(Skeleton warlord, The Inadequacy, Zezima, Corrupt sorceress)
-Nieves slayer dungeon & cave krakens
-Fixed objects(doesnt lag the server when you mine rocks or cut trees)
-Player-owned shops
-Fully working max capes and skiller max capes!
-Armour trimming
-Fixed ironman sprites + added support sprite
-Ironman mode & Ultimate ironman modes
-Lots of items and outfits(Abyssal dagger, bluggeon, Ballistas, Enchanted Zenyte, Shayzien teir 5, deadman armour and some -cosmetic outfits too such as farmers outfit, wrangers outfit, gravedigger outfit)

We know not everyone has money to spend online
so we have decided that we will also be accepting OSRS gold as a lot of you play it.
1M OSRS = $1 USD
And better yet? you can VOTE for FREE credits to spend in the members stores!
*All donations will be invested into the server!*

Do you have a Suggestion for something you'd like added to the server?
We are driven by player Suggestions and will try our best to add as many ideas as we can.

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