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Amnesia 718


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Amnesia 718

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Registered 26th March, 2013 at 22:44 by Rage1122
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

[color=blue]We guarentee you will:[/color]
-Enjoy our new combat system to the max. A Completely re-designed combat system that is one of the most accurate of all private servers.
-Find yourself within an active PKing community.
-Find yourself being able to level all skills. Every skill is fully working (Wilderness Agility as well for example).
-Have an awesome time within our active community and staff.

[color=cyan]Server features[/color]
[COLOR="#00FF00"]We would like to globally name a few of our many attractions, if we were to name them all, the list would be too long! In short:
-Worldwide skilling (And a member skill island)
-Active Pking all around the server
-Plenty of bosses in wilderness and non wilderness
-Castle Wars
-Double Xp weekends
-::botanybay that actually works!
-::train area for beginner training
-Fight pits for fun dueling
-Safe Pk (dieing and you wont lose anything!)
-Active Wiki for all information
-Gaming to the max[/COLOR]

We stand for quality, we have and always will. We try to minimize the downtime and create a lagg free environment. With all skills fully working and a completely re-designed combat system which is one of the most accurate out there to this day, we are happy to say that our players love Amnesia718. With the daily compliments we get ingame and on the forums, and with the suggestions posted, we keep Amnesia718 growing and holding weekly updates.












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