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Registered 13th December, 2016 at 13:28 by Projectraw
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Server Description

This server will be based off WolfPk & CreativeScape, and other similar servers. I want this to be a fun server for people who miss the old days and the players can hopefully enjoy the experience that they had then, all over again. My goal is to make the server fun even without having to play with loads of other players, it's going to be fun because of the actual server, not because of a large community. I've personally always enjoyed servers like this which should give me motivation to make the funnest possible server going.

If you enjoyed servers such as Delta or Dodian, you should have a fun experience on this! It's a very addictive game, and you don't necessarily need a large community to have fun playing which is always a good thing!

We would like to describe our game-play as moderate; it won't take too long to get a good set of gear and some nice stats to go PK'ing but it's not too fast so that everything becomes pointless and too easy! Due to this case we experience high levels of Pk activity, we also have several bosses in the wilderness which helps! Regarding items, you should be happy PK'ing in a good set of gear but the killer will also gain profit at the same time due to being able to sell most items to shops for a reasonable price! We also have a FunPk area which is used for if people aren't so happy with risking there valuables but still would like to have fun fighting against other players!

Okay okay, that's enough about PK'ing! We know some of you love different aspects of the game such as; PvM and Skilling! So lets talk about them. Firstly, there are several different bosses available for you to fight against such as; Chaos Elemental, King Black Dragon, Sea Troll Queen, Elvarg, Dagannoth, Godwar bosses! All these bosses provide different types of unique profit that can help you build up your characters bank! We are also in progress of implementing new bosses so you never get bored of fighting the same boss! Now, Skilling! All our skills work smoothly and provide some nice benefits like good money making methods! There are several different unique areas used for skilling that are all convenient meaning we have banks nearby, and other easy shortcuts to help you out! We also have items such as cooking gauntlets with actual effects to make skilling more exciting!

Now onto gaining items (shops, drops). We have roughly 20 shops which are all located in one location so it doesn't take you a year to find what you need, everything you need to get going is in the shops for a reasonable price. If there isn't many players online or if you just can't find anyone to trade for the item you are looking for, in most cases one of our shops will sell the item! We also have some rare/expensive stores that will only be affordable by dedicated and committed players! So that's the shops for you! NPC drops are uniquely done here as you can kill npcs and directly sell their loots for example if you manage to obtain a dragon chain from king black dragon you can sell it instantly to one of our stores for 200m cash, forget the hassle in trying to sell to players!

Minigames! Minigames work slightly differently on here compared to most other servers for example to obtain a defender you just have to kill a animated armor with high hitpoints and they have a chance of dropping your favored defender! Jad is another minigame that works different, it's supported by multiple players meaning you can all be fighting jad at the same time but just the one player that deals the most damage will receive the fire cape! We do have fully functioning pest control, but be careful the monsters don't kill you while you're trying to take down the portals! If you don't do enough damage to the portals and the game ends you will not receive any reward, however if you do you will be rewarded with pest control points and cash! Depending on what our community want we may introduce new minigames such as Fight pits and Duel arena![/SPOILER]

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