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Oblivions Peak

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Oblivions Peak

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Registered 2nd February, 2017 at 17:40 by Christofer
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Oblivions Peak, is a Oldschool private server, loading revision #118.
While we are loading a oldschool revision we have added a few things from the previous runescape, that we feel Jagex has done right. (Wildywyrm / Tokhaar-kal, etc)

Oblivions peak is hosted on a 24/7 - VPS. so you should never experience any down time, play when you want.

PVM - the lifeblood of any ECO server.

we strive to have realistic bossing content, with plenty of it, and more being added daily.

currently bosses are:
Kalphite queen (2 forms, protect prayers on each form)
Giant Mole (Digs away from players)
Dagganoth Kings (Correct walking areas, poison when in area, spinolyps in water)
Dagganoth Mother (Switches what she is weak too, uses range & melee; Drops Caskets containing prayer books)
King Black Dragon (All attack styles, poison / freeze attack aswell)
Barrelchest (disables over-head prayers)
Corporeal Beast (supports core spawning and jumping players, correct attack styles, stomps if underneath)
GodWars (Bandos, Arma, Sara, Zammy bosses all 100% like runescape)
Zulrah (is functional, but currently only uses one rotation. will be updating with other rotations soon)
Chaos Elemental (100% / removing wep, etc)
Skeletal Warlord (Disables overhead if praying melee, if praying mage drains stats. has chance to knock back, has chance to heal himself with mage attack, one magic attack hits all players in room)

other notable fights include: All osrs wilderness bosses, kraken, smoke devils, and cerberus!

they say a picture says a thousand words though.. so here just look for yourself.

Skilling - The heart of a eco server.
for if it wasn't for gatherers, the pvmers wouldn't have supplies!

Hunter -
Currently the only way to train hunter is via imp hunting.
imps are spawned all over the area's and move about randomly. good luck finding them!
has a skill pet :)

RuneCrafting -
Abbys to get to altars
runecrafting has been buffed so it instantly offers 2x rune multipler for every kind.
rune multiplying.
chance when runecrafting to find essence pouches if you do not have one already.
chance for a runecrafting pet.

Agility -
Correct energy / run drain formula.
has agility ticket system which can be traded in for items, or experience. (recieve tickets with each lap completion)
has marks of grace that spawn randomly. (used to buy graceful and a few other items)
Boots of lightness / graceful offer weight reduction to help with energy drain.
current courses are: Gnome, Barbarian, wilderness, seers rooftop)

herblore -
potion making & decanting.

Thieving -
10 different stalls, which give useful resourced, not coins!
gloves of silence prevent failing.
ardy cloak 4 gives a 10% xp bonus when thieving.

Crafting -
Leather / dragonhide crafting.
cutting gems, crafting jems into bolt tips.

fletching -
bow fletching, crossbow fletching, bolt fletching.

Slayer -
Tons of slayer task.
Ability to request boss task.
Slayer Helmet damage bonus
Co-Op slayer.
ring of slaying teleports directly to task.
[coming soon: superior slayer encounters!]

Mining -
all ores mineable / ores deplete when mined.

smithing -
smelting / smithing both work 100%

Fishing -
tons of different fish to catch.
dark crabs and anglers can be fished at the wilderness resource area.

Cooking -
can cook all fish
burn rate similar to RS.
cooking gaunts help prevent burning.

Firemaking -
clipped firemaking.

Woodcutting -
Trees to stumps.
100% woodcutting

//skilling inside the wilderness resource area grants a 2X XP RATES!

Tons of awesome upcoming updates, such as: Fight kiln, superior slayer encounters, chinchompa hunting, Revenants, faction system, 3 new mini-quest.

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