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TRPK - #1 Hyrbridding Ser

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TRPK - #1 Hyrbridding Ser

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Registered 22nd March, 2017 at 07:59 by Levoon
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Website:www.tribulationpk.com being worked on

CLIENT DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqm340zjkb...lient.jar?dl=1

Tribulation PK was online for 3 years straight, and on and off for another year ontop of that. The community even while the server was offline continued to thrive on teamspeak. 

The server was blessed with alot of clan activity over the years and we hope to enjoy that again.

This time around the community will be apart of EVERY update, which will happen biweekly, if not multiple times.

Tribulation PK

A PKing and Pvming sever with a 100% GUARENTEED Uptime

Are you looking for a server with perfect switches? 
Are you looking for a server with an active wilderness? 
Are you looking for a server with an active PVM and skilling community?

Then Tribulation PK is the place for you.

Tribulation Pk used to be my go to server for pking, it was active fun and you always had something to do from pvming or bossing or pking or even skilling, the server all around was an amazing server..
I've decided to bring this amazing server back with the help of my developer by my self helping, we've shredded hours into adding content for you guys to enjoy, Content TRPK had and content TRPK never had.

This is TRPK, renewed and better.

I will make sure this server has a better player base then the original, i will make sure the content is always there for the players to enjoy, whatever ideas i ever hear i will tell my developers do this and if it's possible it'll be done asap.

Tribulation Pk Features]•24/7 Active Pking, Skilling & PVM community.
•Active Forums and Teamspeak
•Weekly updates
•Staff that are always online, you will never see no staff online!
•Multiple Daily Server Events including Free For Alls, & Hide and Seeks
•Stable economy.
•Special benefits for donators (Such as Donator’s Dungeon) With donator only bosses!
•Dragon Defender/ TokHaar-Kal Cape 
•Every Chaotic / Pvp item
•Pk point system with killstreak system!
•Working Xp counter
•Lime whips & other custom whips from the old TRPK.
•Lottery system for the gamblers!
•Minigames like pest control, fight pits!
•4 new bosses! kamil, dessous, fareed, and Damis

Features I Added

•Top Pker System - top pker of the day gets a gift!
•Client toggle options for hp, name above head, etc!
•Fully working sea troll queen, slash bash, Giant Mole, And FLAMBEED AS WORLD BOSS!
•ELO Pking Rating System
•players in wilderness feature in quest tab!
•WORLD BOSS with custom script - SPAWNS EVERY 60 MINUTES IN WILDY. - 
•Custom ::ffa event made by grant
•Fully functional flower poker system!
•Boss Slayer task system!
•Fully redid npc & player clipping!!
•added tons of player statistics into quest tab fully working![/ADMIN]

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