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Registered 7th September, 2017 at 00:08 by Warscape
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

WarScape is a content packed RuneScape Private Server containing numerous exclusive items, monsters, quests and areas only available on our unique server. If you're looking for a quality server that's over six months in the making with custom game-play and features not available elsewhere, then this is just the server for you!

We've worked on our exclusive content to provide our players various perks such as having more items to work for (not typical rsps customs), more enemies to battle (bigger and badder than ever), more minigames to play and areas to explore!

Here are some notable features that WarScape offers:
> Custom Areas such as the Dragon's Den containing unique NPCs like White dragons
> Bosses such as the KBD, Phoenix, Scorpia, etc. have all been increased in size to better present their boss-like power.
> Custom interfaces including our teleport menu, player profiles, player drop logs, etc.
> Exclusive items such as Blood claws, blood cape, etc. with custom blood textures that are animated like fire capes
> Player-owned shops
> NPC drop tables for every in-game NPC
> Over 25 different bosses to battle that are bigger and badder than ever
> Fully working Construction so you can have your very own house parties
> Regular updates based on community input
> Forever free-to-play with all items obtainable in-game

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