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Registered 23rd November, 2017 at 04:47 by Survivers
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

SurviveRS is a very unique, original RSPS experience. I have been making Runescape servers for about 11 years.
SurviveRS is more than just a Survival server, for starters; Surviving is only an aspect in this server.
SurviveRS includes 18+ Bosses, 22+ Skills and 7 Mini-games (So far), we are a brand new server as you can see, we aim to have a substantial economy, provide great coding, we have a great staff, and dedicated players.
I have made the game challenging to obtain items, but there are 3 difficulty settings.
To start off you will be offered Survival Tasks (Combat Driven) and Skiller Tasks (Skill Driven), once you take these tasks and complete them you will be given gold, sometimes items and Survival Points, which can be spent in the Survival Store.
You will have to Scavenge items, which can range from food to dragon weaponry, in order to move forward.
Once you are confident enough to take on more enemies you can request Slayer tasks in the home area and also Kill bosses, gain boss tasks,..
We have Skiller pets and Boss pets available!

The server is much, much, more than the above and I believe this is one of the most unique server's ever thought out.
Hope to see you in game!

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