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Empire | Pre-Eoc 2011 Based | 668 | Zonica/Al

Empire | Pre-Eoc 2011 Based | 668 | Zonica/Al's Banner

Empire | Pre-Eoc 2011 Based | 668 | Zonica/Al

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Registered 29th May, 2018 at 22:43 by Empireftw
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Empire is a RuneScape 2011 Emulation. Empire is based from the original source of the previous private server named Alotic. Previously known as Zonica but due to new management, we have decided to take a different turn in how we would want the public to see us. We are constantly adding new updates that Alotic should have had. Our goal is to surpass Alotic and bring you jaw-dropping content that will keep you intrigued. Veterans of the RSPS community who want to experience 2011 RuneScape all over again, this is the server for you. Our developer and staff team is dedicated to achieving your hearts desires.

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