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Superior 718

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Superior 718

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Registered 22nd April, 2013 at 22:02 by Superior
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

[size=14pt]Recent Updates:[/size]
80% Grand Exchange
729 items
all working auras including supreme's
eco base
eco pricing
flaming skulls
specs for all items the should have
Lucky item specs and bonuses
Squeal of fortune

- Switching is near perfect
- All Spellbooks are accessible via Commands and altars
- Storm of Armadyl, New boots, and more.
- Armours such as Torva, Barrows, and PvP Armour Degrade when in use and when they are dropped in PvP
- Auras are all complete except for Salvation and Corruption bonuses work wings are glitched

- King Black Dragon with all attacks and effects
- Tormented Demons with all 3 switches
- Full Nex with all 4 stages (Flawless)
- 100% Godwars
- Corporeal beast with Impact hits and all correct attacks
- Frost dragons
- Dominion Tower
- Barrows{prizes glitchy still} & More...

- Near Perfect combat, 99.9% flawless
- Switching better than RS
- Full Summoning!!
- Armour set effects all added!
- Degrading Pvp Armours
- Storm Of Armadyl Spell
- Flawless Prayer system (Normal/Ancient Prayers/Lunar)

Random Stuff:
- All special attacks working properly for Most Weapons!
- Quick Chat 100%
- music everyone knows that
- custom maps
- donorzones staffzones and more

- All new 729 armours obv we all know
- Bosses are upgraded to new looks
- Jad waves maxed out to 65
- Armours are almost all update to date with bonuses and stats
- Each armour that need requirements on RS is same on here now
- Quests are partially made

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