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Registered 24th April, 2013 at 10:06 by Murilirum
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[SIZE=3][URL="http://runespark.net"]Site Index[/URL] :: [URL="http://community.runespark.net/forum/"]Community Forum[/URL] :: [URL="[8:36:49 PM] Murilirum :: Austin: http://runespark.net/?go=game"]Browser (Web)Client[/URL] :: [URL="[8:36:49 PM] Murilirum :: Austin: http://runespark.net/?go=dl"]Desktop (Jar) Client[/URL][/SIZE]


[B]Administrator Profiles:[/B]
[URL="http://community.runespark.net/user/1-murilirum/"]Murilirum[/URL] - Webmaster / Marketing / Community Coordination
[URL="http://community.runespark.net/user/12-titan/"]Titan[/URL] - Senior Development (Server & Client)

(I'm not going to waste time listing the features and content already available in the Matrix Source)
[I]I'm also not going to claim to be in 'Beta' as an excuse for errors on the server or website. We will have mistakes, we will fix them. Let us know what works or should work (in your opinion) or what's broken and we will tend to it as any other server should. This is a live release, so we are now doing about best to preserve the economy for what it's worth. No selling items for IRL cash or RSGP, you may purchase a subscription package to have your account upgraded and that's it.[/I]


Hi all,

RuneSpark is an economy server with a wide range of options for you. First and foremost, we operate a large majority of our server out of the home in Nardah, however skills and slayer tasks will demand you explore more of the world. It's our goal to provide a modern, simple, and high-quality standard on both the server, and website levels. We use a licenced Invision Power Board and will be modifying the default theme to do as we need. Our [B]help[/B] friends chat always has a few users in it to help you along with tips for the game, or simply for having a conversation in the middle of the night. Our Experience Rates are 20x that of RuneScape, so there's not really an easy ticket to a 99 skill.

[SPOILER=Cooking Lobster][IMG]http://runespark.net/marketing/cooking_lobster.png[/IMG][/SPOILER]

We are brand new for the most part, but we had a bit of 'testing' I guess you could call it go on for the past two weeks just to get rid of any obvious bugs, gather suggestions or ideas for making the server a little more efficient for the players, yadda, yadda, yadda. Our 'Staff' team is 3 members strong and with the server being small, we aren't currently looking to increase it. We've selected two users as moderators, so feel free to ask them questions, because both of them are very familiar with the server from the player stand-point and will be able to give you quick and simple directions on login. All high-level drops are announced to the community.

[SPOILER=Abyssal Whip NPC Drop][IMG]http://runespark.net/marketing/abyssal_whip.png[/IMG][/SPOILER]

Our accounts (although the storing method is different) are integrated entirely with the Invision Power Board, and as a result it requires you register on the forum before you log into the server.

[SPOILER=Invalid Login][IMG]http://runespark.net/marketing/integration.png[/IMG][/SPOILER]

Subscriptions are automatic for your account, and done based on monthly payments. Prices vary based on the amount of time purchased, and it is managed entirely on the website-side.


We do have an open-door policy about our bugs, and allow you to openly post in on the forum for us to view, however it must be approved before view-able to the community, to prevent any harmful bugs from being abused before a patch is released. However, all solved bugs are marked as such.

[SPOILER=Bug Report Forum][IMG]http://runespark.net/marketing/bug_reports.png[/IMG][/SPOILER]

Being as organized as well are (h) we have [URL="http://community.runespark.net/topic/147-patch-notes/"]Patch Notes[/URL] which are updated frequently with fixes or patches made.

[SPOILER=March Patch Notes][IMG]http://runespark.net/marketing/patch_notes.png[/IMG][/SPOILER]

One of our notable features added most recently was the third tab for slayer, allowing you the ability to disable being assigned specific tasks, cancelling a task, and for members up to 6 (3 for free players) tasks to be disallowed.

[SPOILER=Slayer Tab][IMG]http://runespark.net/marketing/slayer_tab.png[/IMG][/SPOILER]

Our most recent suggestion / report was to do lunar spells 100%, we're currently in the process of finishing that up, as well as 100% jewelry crafting.

[SPOILER=Plank Make][IMG]http://runespark.net/marketing/plank_make.png[/IMG][/SPOILER]

[SPOILER=General Media][IMG]http://runespark.net/marketing/slayer.png[/IMG]

[SPOILER=Good Videos]
Video by [URL="http://community.runespark.net/user/211-luke/"]Luke[/URL]
[*]Our Highscores [B]are[/B] done, however the design is not, more will be updated on that later, as with the rest of the advertisement.
[*]If you enjoy the server, feel free to post here with your in-game screenshots to be included in the advertisement.

I will constantly be adding more to this as time allows and I gather more resources.

[U][COLOR="#00FF00"]Even if you're not into playing a RuneScape Private Server, why not poke your head in and participate in the forum action? I'm always looking for another good forum-goer to post and chat with around the boards. It's easy to register, and we don't send spam emails. [B]We promise![/B][/COLOR][/U]



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