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Registered 28th April, 2013 at 20:17 by DestinationX
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Website & Webclient

Website - www.Destinationx-pkz.com
Play now - www.Destinationx-pkz.com/webclient.html
Forums - www.Destinationx-pkz.com/forum

About the Server.

DestinationX is a brand new server, wich means that we are looking for staff ( dont expect to just enter the server and ask for it, you wont get it that way ), we have insured that you'll experience the best gameplay ever, some of the stuff we have are listed below it ain't all of what we got . We update the server daily wich means theres always something new entering the server! Come joins us now!

★ General Features ★
- 614 overlay/underlay flo! (New graphics)
602 Animations no bugs!
- Flawless Combat!
- Updated 4-5 times through the day!
- Fully updated graphics!
- Flawless Monster/attacking/player clipping!
- Mature staff!
- Plenty of minigames!
- Great Economy (This is very important to us!
- Hours of content!
- Flawless item switching!
- All items have their correct bonuses!
- 100% Money pouch
- Nex maps + minions
- all skills work!
- Complete God Wars!

★ Monsters ★
- 100% King black dragon!
- 100% Corporal beast!
- 100% Bork!
- 100% Duel arena!
- 99% Castle wars!
- 100% Npc clipped tiles!
- 100% accurate monster stats bonueses!
- 100% Dragons fire breath (Anti shield needed)
- 100% Nex (Correct maps)
100% Godwars with all bosses!
- 100% Jad (Poll for adding all waves!)
- Alot more, come see!

★ Combat System ★
- Flawsless system!
- All bonuses are from the runescape wiki
- Void bonus added.
- Berserker necklake added.
- magic's works flawlessy!
- ranged works flawlessy!

★ Skills ★
- all skills can be trained!
- Hunter is added!
- Farming is added!
- all skills works perfectly!

★ Skills ★
- 100% Clan chat + interfaces!
- 100+ Summoning + Npc dialogues & Head models in tab
- alot of stuff! come check out!

★ Information ★
We have made sure that you'll experience the best gameplay every, we respect our players as much as the admins. we do not treat staff players better than regular players, you all mean the same to us! Follow the rules wich can be found on the forums, and you'll be good to go!
Hope to see you in game!

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