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Registered 28th April, 2013 at 20:42 by Reality
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Features :
718/742 Cache With New RuneScape Items.
100% Working New Nex Along With All Other New God Wars Dungeon Boss'.
Fully Working Corporeal Beast.
Fully Working Fight Kiln With All 37 Waves.
Flawless Pking.
Flawless Hybrid Switching.
Multiple Pvp Areas.
Easy-To-Navigate IPB Forums.
Vote For Rewards.
Fully Working Barrows Minigame.
100% Working Queen Black Dragon.
New King Black Dragon.
23 Trainable SKills (adding more).
Auto-Donations For Donator Ranks.
Solomon's Store Items.
Squeal Of Fortune.
100% Working Vengeance.
100% Working Ancients.
Fully Working Normal Prayers & Curses Including Soulsplit.
Friendly Player Base With Dedicated Staff To Ensure That It Stays That Way.
Fully Working Friends Chat.
Dicing With Trusted Dice Hosts Only And Hot & Cold.
Affordable Doantor Ranks With Useful benefits.
Donator Zone With Special Donator Shop.
Extreme Zone Along With Shop.
Steady Xp Rates.
Stable Drop Rates.
Fully Working Fight Caves With 63 Waves.
Custom Quest Tab With Easy Navigation Buttons & Info.
Stable & Efficient Economy.
Mature & Fair Staff Team.
Multiple Training Teleports For All Levels.
Fully Working Pets With Hunger & Growth.
Custom Pets For Donators.
Active Player & Forum Member Base
Easy Access To Altars, Basic Shops, & Teleports At Home Area.
Multiple Dungeons That Players Can Access.
Updated RuneScape Map Graphics.
Bandits To Train On.
Fully Working Completionist Cape With Accurate Requirements.
Fully Working Max Cpae With Accurate Requirements.
Skilling & City Teleports.
Loadstone Networks.
Custom Titles.
Fully Integrated Loyalty System With Points For Being Active That Can Be Spent On Auras.
Fully Working Fishing.
Storm Of Armadyl Spell.
Account Recovery System.
Well Managed Website That Stays Constantly Updated.
Default Help Friendschat For Newcomers.
Dice Friendschat For Dicing.
100% Working In-game Sounds.
Forums Shoutbox.
Constant Backing-Up Of Player Files.
All The Newest Armors & Weapons.
New Npc's.
Dungeoneering Weaponry & Gear.
Fully Working Auras Including Supreme Auras.
Rocktail Fishing Along With Shark Harpooning.
742 Items In Npc Drops Including The New Torva Boots, Torva Gloves, Virtus Boots, etc.


VPS Hosted 24/7.

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