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Origin PK


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Origin PK

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Registered 27th May, 2013 at 15:28 by Originpk
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

[*]Vote 4 Cash
[*]Perfect hybridding
[*]Items limited to Godwars items (no prods)
[*]Edgeville PKing
[*]Spawning items requires cash
[*]Active PKers
[*]Looking for staff
[*]Easy to use Forum boards
[*]Perfect combat formulas
[*]Ancient curses
[*]Working clan chats
[*]Instant PKing
[*]Click on a skill to level that skill (combat)
[*]Full skilling for non-combat skills
[*]Easily change your PKing style
[*]Everything is user friendly
[*]Dicing/Duel arena
[*]Good multi PK algorithms
[*]Wilderness ditch
[*]Bounty hunter (currently de-activated)

Origin PK is a server that has taken a step back from the current PK server style, currently a traditional 317 PK server looks like it\\\\\\\'s been taking steroids, primal, Nex and chaotics make a server look unprofessional and ruin the gaming experience.

Origin PK is a server that offers you the most up to date client features, such as easy leveling, modern interfaces, perfect combat and amazing hybrid switching, but also offers you the fun you don\\\\\\\'t get with most servers nowadays.

We recently implemented a cash requirement when spawning items, we feel this gives PKing more of a goal and a risk sense, being able to profit from PKing gives people the aspiration they need to play the game and succeed in what we feel is the most important aspect of any game, to have fun.

We created Origin to be a near perfect PKing experience, offering user interaction, a good community and a good economy, we feel we have experienced that.

Why not check us out today?


Has forums, webclient and amazing community! :D

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