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Registered 2nd June, 2013 at 03:47 by Rebornozhc
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Welcome to OzhcReborn!<br />
<br />
OzhcReborn Forums - www.board.ozhcreborn.com<br />
OzhcReborn Play Now - www.ozhcreborn.com/playnow.php<br />
<br />
To start off the introduction, we withhold the name \\\'OzhcReborn\\\'. The reason for having \\\'Reborn\\\' in our name is because we are not a \\\"new\\\" server. Ozhc has been around since January of 2011. As many of you know, we started out with the name of OzhcScape. Now we are back in business and ready to succeed in becoming one of the top RSPS. Ozhc wants to be known as one of the best private servers out there, and you can help us achieve that. We have no doubts that this server will become very populated and and well known in the near future. Ozhc is still under the same management as it was in January of 2011; not to be worried, there are many moderator positions to be filled as we grow numerously.<br />
<br />
Many thanks to all of the previous members that support us and hopefully will still support us. We would love to see all of our old members join us again on a journey to success. Also, a huge thanks to all of the new members that plan on joining. There will be plentiful opportunities for our members in the future.<br />
<br />
We are currently being hosting on a very stable VPS<br />
Donor Island has many advantages over Non-Donors<br />
We have added 634 items to the server giving players a large range of variety and independence<br />
Ozhc has many different PK\\\'ing areas to battle your enemies<br />
Ozhc has many Minigames to spare your time<br />
Many shops to choose from at home<br />
Many prestigious bosses to face your biggest fears<br />
Vote4Items will soon be added as we progress<br />
Moderator Opportunities will be available as we gain players<br />
Currently adding quests for players to complete and gain quest-only items (RFD currently added)<br />
<br />
<br />
As stated above, we would love to see everyone join the server. Administrators will host raffles as we gain more players, so make sure you are here when those raffles happen, because you could be the lucky winner.<br />
<br />
Many thanks,<br />
OzhcReborn Staff Team

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