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World 76

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World 76

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Registered 10th June, 2013 at 04:40 by Triburn
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World 76 is a fairly new RSPS. Has friendly players and staff. There's always a Staff Member online if anyone needs help. It also has a very nice forums with a ShoutBox!
World76 has lots of bosses and monsters to slay!

Here's the bosses: Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos, Nex, Corporal Beast, King Black Dragon, Queen Black Dragon, Bork, Jad, Nomad, Kalphite Queen.

Monsters: Barrows, Glacors, Polypore Dungeon Monsters.

Has a very nice Eco and really good voting rewards!

Also has ALL working skills.

Max Cape, Comp cape, Comp(call). All 99 capes. Working Curses. Working Spells ( Zamorak Strike, guthix strike, saradomin strike, Barrage's, Vengeance, etc.)

Co-Op Slayer.
PvP Places. (Magic bank, edgeville, etc)

Minigames: Fight pits, Castle Wars, Duel Arena, Barb Assault, Clan wars.

Supreme wings (Curroption, salvation, Harmony)

Working pets. (Tzhaar-jad, Hellcat, bulldog's, pet dragons)

Overloads, restore spec.

Quests. (With awesome rewards).

Lots of Achievements for Completionist cape (call).

There will be a update soon to happen that will take ALL recources from the shops and will cause players to have to make their own items. Such as Runes, D'hides, Armour, etc. They will also need to kill monsters in order to get the Weapons/armour they need such as Armadyl, Bandos, Abysaal Demons.

This is a very good server and we need some players to come enjoy it!

For the Webclient or the downloadable client go to - http://www.world76.com

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