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Diversity Pk

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Diversity Pk

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Registered 10th June, 2013 at 16:03 by Diversitypk
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Welcome to Diveristy Pk!

Website: www.diversitypk.com
Play Now! www.playdvpk.x10.mx
Download Client http://playdvpk.x10.mx/DVPK.jar

Staff positions available!

Diversity Pk is a fast growing server which literally has something for everyone. You passion is PvP? We have that. Love killing bosses? Reap the rewards. Just want to relax and skill? Go for it.

Some features of Diversity Pk include:
Great Pking
Awesome PvM with many bosses
Nearly all skills trainable (more coming!)
Friendly community who are always willing to help
Double Vote Reward and PK Point Weekends
Perfectly working items such as TokHaar-Kal, Ring of Vigour, and Korasi's Sword!
..and much, much more!

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