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Unorthodox Gaming 562/659

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Unorthodox Gaming 562/659

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Registered 10th July, 2013 at 06:46 by Gregsterere
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Hate and trolls are not welcome in this thread,
I will not reply any more because some trolls seem to think there always right....

We have been developing this server for over 2 and a half years from an old very glitch base, After lots of hard effort and trail and error's we now have developed it into a very stable server with lots of custom features.
We have advertised it in the past under a different name. This time we are back! with a fresh appearance!!

Regular updates will be posted at our forums. - http://www.unorthodoxgaming.co.nr

Latest update: x100 combat system fully working

[SIZE=7][COLOR=red]Join this amazing server today![/COLOR][/SIZE]

- Fully working x100 hits in both PVM/PVP

- Fully working Claw spec (Perfected)

- No known glitches with the new x100 system.

- Nex - Corp - Countless number of bosses~

- All armour and items in 659 cache has been addded with correct stats and gfx/Anim

- Decent drop rates

- Easy to make money

- Good Economy

- Great selection of items available in shops

- Lots of donator benefits from the pkshop/donatorshop

- Curses work in both pvp and pvm (Fully working) + Custom effects against bosses

- Lots of custom events and ways to receive items.

- Fully working makeover mage

- Custom Nex combat system

-1 Click combat (PVP/PVM)

-1 Click pickup

-Weekly updates with developers that can basically achieve anything. Where time is available.

-Lots of more positive content....







For webclient please visit -http://unorthodoxgaming.zapto.org/webclients/Webclient659.php

For our JAR Client please visit -

For our Client Package please visit -http://unorthodoxgaming.zapto.org/webclients/UnorthodoxGamingPackage.zip

Visit our Website - http://www.unorthodoxgaming.co.nr]Unorthodox Gaming

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