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companion scape

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Registered 11th July, 2013 at 14:05 by Deathkil
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Welcome to the new Runescape Private Server CompanionScape!

A home full of custum Minigames, Bosses, Training places and more!

CompanionScape offers alot of awesome content and updates everyday.

This is a brand new server, Server is not 100% yet, we still need to fix some things ingame and adding an donationsystem etc. but it's absolutely playable!

as a RSPS community, we are here to make sure your game play is to the finest of your satisfaction.

I (Cookie), desided to make the server mostly for player who don't really wan't to donate/ can't afford it to donate. wich means you can get most items ingame. by different monsters.

Now lets get this over with and see what this server offers.








Monsters like Monotaur's, Rats, Cows, White Wolfs, Jadinko's for Vine Whip etc etc etc (use Vine Whip on Normal Whip)


Most Normal Minigames, Like Fight Caves, Pits, Dominion Tower, Crucible, Barrows etc.

Dragon Kit Minigame, First get a golden Feather at Kalphite Queen, if you have that go to Anvil and make an SilverLight. Go to DragonKit Island for killing Elvrags for all Dragon Kits. Like Dragonbone.

Exange those Kits, afcourse with the normal Dragon pieces for the Decorative Armour's.

Obsidian Minigame, Go to the Obsidian Cave. Kill the Warriors for getting Obsidian Bars and Shards.

Go to the Anvil and Smith your own obsidian armour.

Fist of Guthix, Go to the Fist of guthix Cave. Kill the Mage's for Fist of Guthix tokens, but whatch out. Kinda hard.

Afcourse exange those tickets at the shop, the real fist of guthix shop. Picture below.

Zombie Minigame and Troll Invasion, just one word: SURVIVE.

Zombie Minigame: reward is full Zombie armour.

Troll Invasion: XP Book (watch Pictures below)


All usual bosses, like Corporeal Beast, King Black Dragon, Giant Mole, QBD and many more.

Yk'Lagor the Thunderous



Companion Custum

Vanstrom Klause Custum

Wildy Wyrm

Sunfreet Custum


Avatar of Destruction/Creation

Zombie Champion Custum

Lucien Custum (very Hard)




And more, ALL these Bosses have Custum Drops like Sheather Spirit Shields, Sheather Godswords, Trickster, Battle Mage, Tokhaar and WAY more.


Mostly you can skill all across the runescape map, all lodestones work. so these will get you were ever you want to go.

ALL 25 Skills are trainable.

Lava Flow mining

Rune Span working

Rune Essence Mine


Construction (simple, but works.)


Few Dungeons added like:

Revenant Dungeon



Grotworms and Tolna's Rift

Player Killing / PVP

afcourse there needs to be PVP

Mage Bank




Multi Area

and afcourse Clan Wars

made a system for pvp for each kill u make get 100 Fist of Guthix Tokens. Kinda nice to spend.

Some other Features

TzHaar Whip exange, 7 stages. TzHaar Whip 7 is Best.

Lightning Staff Exange 4 Versions. Lightning Staff 4 is very good.

Offhanded Weapons Store

New Home

Loyalty System

Royal C Bow exange, all the parts to 1 Proper Crossbow

Fury Amulet exange, Kit and Normal Fury For Fury Amulet (or)

System For tickets, if you Donate Anyting u get Tickets for a Store, All rares are in that shop for you guys.

Squeel Of Fortune

Yrsa's Shoe Shop

4GB VPS Hosted

Money Pouch

Active/Friendly Staff (also still looking for staff)

Donator, Extreme, Support, Admin zones

WAY more coming soon!

Join NOW!


Cookie Owner of Companion Scape

PS. if you want more pictures, post Suggestion below.

Current staff:

Cookie - Owner

Deathkil - Co-Owner


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