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TizenX Pvp


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TizenX Pvp

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Registered 18th November, 2012 at 16:06 by Luke
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

PvP & Wilderness

We're all about allowing the wilderness to be a vast playing field for all players. At TizenX, the wilderness is treated like a food chain; the skillers go out for the rich resources that we offer, the single PKers chase the skillers, the small teams chase the single PKers, and the clans chase the small teams.

There's plenty of people to hunt down in the wilderness, and if you're a skiller who likes a bit of risk, why not take advantage of the rich resources and xp gains we offer in the wilderness; ranging from our luxury wilderness agility course, to our wilderness-private fishing, mining and woodcutting spots; or maybe try your luck at thieving our wilderness-exclusive rare chests at the Rogue's Castle.

Our wilderness is complete with our very own Bounty Hunter system, which dishes out four currencies that can be spent in various stores around TizenX. Save up these currencies and soon you'll be able to buy the best armour in-game and become the ultimate, most feared PKer of the wilderness!

Bossing & Slayer

We have an abundance of bosses roaming around TizenX, from small bosses such as General Graardor to difficult bosses such as Vorago. Each boss drops it's own unique drop that cannot be obtained any other way. This is to ensure that the bossers of our community can make a decent profit while doing the thing they enjoy.

We also have our very own boss, called the TizenX Elite. The TizenX Elite drops some of the most valuable armour in the game, Elite armour. Be careful though, soloing it is almost pointless. Only the best bossers in our community can take on this guy.

Slayer is also a big thing within TizenX. We have over 10 locations filled with Slayer assignments to choose from, ranging from small tasks such as spiders to large, hard tasks such as metal dragons. Slayer is very good to start training once joining TizenX as you'll get rewarded cash every task you complete; generating some instant income when you join! When you reach a decent Slayer level, you'll start to receive assignments which have a rare chance to drop powerful items, which than then be used to aid your Slayer, or can be sold for a big profit.

Gaining 99 Slayer in TizenX is a big deal. Slayer is one of our skills that takes a while to max out. That's why we reward you with a complete Slayer armour outfit with great stats, as a reward for completing the big achievement of 99 Slayer.

View every drop you've ever got from every monster and view how much money you've made from killing a certain type of monster with our in-game PvM progress tracker. [::monsterlog]

Make use of our SlayerShare and CoinShare features of friends chats. With SlayerShare enabled, everyone in your friends chat will receive a cut of all Slayer XP you receive; allowing you and your friends to slay together. With CoinShare enabled, everyone in your friends chat will receive a cut of all loot received above 30k, converted to cash.

Skilling & Minigames

Skilling in TizenX is three things; it appeals for skillers, skilling just to enjoy skilling; it's a money maker; and it's a big part of achieveing our ever-sought after, fully customizable Completionist Cape. We cater for every skill except summoning on TizenX. What is Social Skilling? Social Skilling is where you can skill together with your friends in a relaxed environment while talking with each other. With a dedicated skilling zone which holds multiple resources for you to skill in, you can do exactly that! Some skills in TizenX have a little bit of a twist to them to make them unique to us.

Achieveing maxed stats is a big deal on TizenX, that's why we reward you with a fully customizable max cape for reaching 99 in every skill! Now, do a few tasks after getting your max cape and you've now got a completionist cape, which holds features that only you can use, such as teleporting to players, vanishing, using teleports to places on accessible by you, and other integrated benefits.

Fancy an upgraded version of your 99 cape? That's right, TizenX supports 120 capes! Just get 104.5m XP in your desired skill, wear the 99 cape, and it will display as our unique 120 capes!

We have a few unique minigames in TizenX; one of our most popular ones being the Evil Tree. The Evil Tree respawns every 10 minutes. It's your job to go and woodcut it down, gain cash, items and xp rewards from it. Don't fancy the Evil Tree? Why not try our custom Zombie Minigame, where you defend the barricade from a horde of zombies, gaining shilling rewards which can then be used to buy zombie-related gear and items.

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