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PavillionRsps 738 PvP

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PavillionRsps 738 PvP

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Registered 17th December, 2012 at 06:25 by Maxed
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Come and fight outside Ge and get random drops and 1m per kill, its safe and fun!

We are running 24/7, the server is packed with loads of content and fun... We aren't like any other server we care about our players to give them the best playing time and we will always read the feedback.

About Pavillion-
Pavillion was started as a small server in the summer of 2012, but eventually went down. It is now being brought back as a completely new, revolutionary server created by Maxed. We are a 718 loading 738 server and we strive to become and WILL become the #1 RSPS ever. With loads of features, a friendly community, and a helpful staff team, it’s easy to set ourselves apart from what you’d call “the competition”. We PROMISE you that in no time, you will become part of the Pavillion family. Whether a pker, a merchant, a skiler, or a bosser - Pavillion is for you! Anything you dreamt to have in a server, pavillion brings to life.

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